Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for University

Well, I had it all planned out as of 6pm this evening. My U post was to be about University. I was going to wax on about how I didn't really enjoy secondary school, lost the knack of studying right in the run-up to the Leaving Certificate but subsequently found my academic mojo in University College Dublin. Those were days I would gladly live out again. There was so much I enjoyed about it, from meeting great people, making great friends to finally figuring out for myself how to study effectively.

Yes sir, I had the post all planned out. Then, about an hour ago, a friend from our Folk Group posted on my Facebook wall. That's when I realised there is far more to the humble 'U' than I had thought. The background to this post is that, for the first time in many a year, I am missing practice tonight due to being in London. So, in honour of it being the day for U in the A-Z Challenge, Maria kindly posted this to let me know what I was missing. So, as a 'thank you' to Maria for her thoughtfulness, here is her post:

"Well John I'm not long home from choir practice and I thought I would fill you in on the night in a suitable way! Tonight's practice was Unusal in that U were not there and it was slightly Unnerving not having piano to accompany us. In saying that Stephen was a great Understudy for you in his own Unique way and we coped quite well but we won't let him Usurp your position!!

I do hope you aren't too Upset at having missed our tea party. Jacquie's lemon drizzle cake was Unbelievably good and was Utterly demolished by everyone, (I Understand if you are a little jealous!). I think Jacquie is going to make one especially for you. Poor Teresa and Mary G were too Unwell to join us so Undoubtedly you will have to share it with Teresa :).

I hope work is not too hectic and you get a chance to Unwind in the evenings. I have the Urge for a cup of tea so I'll finish now. I hope you don't think I'm a bit of an Upstart writing this and I have no intention of trying to Upstage you, I certainly don't have the talent you have for writing!! So I'll say goodnight and see you on Sunday as Usual, Unless something Urgent or Unexpected happens in the mean time. Have a safe trip home :)"

Many thanks Maria. Fantastic stuff. I think you should start your own blog and take on the A-Z Challenge in 2014. To get you even more in the humour for it, maybe you could write a V post for me tomorrow? :-)

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  1. That is super clever - love it! :D