Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kerry – the Kingdom

Ok, so I’m resorting to what is mainly a photo-blog post today, but what better location to choose for a selection of photos than Co. Kerry – the Kingdom.

My first visit to Kerry was many, many years ago. My parents took me and my two brothers, plus our Spanish student, Juan. We travelled there in a rather basic, un-air-conditioned Volkswagen Beetle – the four boys in the back, luggage under the bonnet, engine in the boot, and my parents on the bench seat in front. My one memory of the trip was my discovery that something in Kerry induced asthma attacks in me – something I was to discover again in my early twenties when I re-visited.

Thankfully, I eventually grew out of asthma and I can safely visit Kerry these days – something we do now at least on an annual basis. And I love it. There is something really special about Kerry – something that has to be experienced. I certainly do not have the skill with words to express it adequately. So, I’ve decided for my A-Z Challenge post today to express Kerry in photos rather than words. I will keep returning to Kerry in an attempt to capture it more fully and more expressively with the camera. In the meantime, here is a small selection of shots that I captured during my visit last year.

Gap of Dunloe

Road through the Gap of Dunloe

St. Mary's Cathedral, Killarney

Torc Waterfall, Killarney National Park

Market Day in Kenmare

Shronahiree Beg, Co. Kerry

Fungi the Dolphin - Dingle Bay

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  1. Beautiful images John.
    Visited Kerry last year and fell in love with it :)