Friday, December 16, 2011


Hello and welcome to my blog.

Wow - my first blog sentence. I never thought I'd get this far! The thought of starting a blog is one that I've entertained on and off for several years. I am, however, a procrastinator by nature and therefore it never happened. Then gradually, through the past year, I discovered some of the people I follow on Twitter had their own blogs. This encouraged me to revisit the idea of starting one of my own. So, naturally, I decided to delve into their blogs to see what I could learn.

The main thing I discovered is that their blogs are each unique, entertaining, informative and all brilliant in their own way. Oh dear - how could I ever live up to that standard? Procrastination set in again. Then the first penny dropped. I don't have to live up to any 'standard'. All I have to do is be myself. I think I can just about manage that!

I have to say, when I floated the idea of starting a blog among some of my Twitter friends I received nothing but encouragement. So take a bow, Tweeps - this blog is largely due to the fact that you didn't say "stop - don't do it"!!! 

So today, I pen my first blog post. As I started it, I was already trying to think how I might follow it up. What would I write about? How would I make it interesting enough for people to visit and read on an ongoing basis? Then the second penny dropped (I never could hold on to money!). I've recently decided to undertake a year-long project in 2012 and I am sure it will provide ample scope for future blog posts.

That's it for now. Just a short introductory post. I hope you will re-visit and please do leave comments. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Oh - I forgot to expand on my idea for future posts. Ah, not enough time for that now. All will be revealed in a future post. See - you'll just have to come back to find out what I have in mind!!


  1. Congratulations on this maiden voyage! I love the name. Very clever :)

    I'm sure you'll have lots of interesting things to say here and post your pictures, too.

    Look forward to visiting again. Don't forget to have tea waiting on a side table.


  2. Thanks Marisa. I love your suggestion of having tea waiting on a side table ... so I have now added that!! :)

  3. Hurrah! Can't wait to read more.I looove the name!

  4. Hey John, many congratulations !! I love the title and layout of your new blog; it is really lovely!! Well done *bursts with pride* \o/
    Every best wish, may it bring you loads of happiness;Igreatly look forward to your thoughts, photos and eh... maybe even a piece of cake :)

    x Maura Donohoe


  5. Well done indeed John, it is a super title and I am delighted to be one of your first readers, I hope it will be the first of many, you are teasing us now, so looking forward to your next post. Will we get some photos in here too?

  6. Well done, John! Toe in the water and all that :)

  7. You are right - do it for yourself! That's the approach I took and to be honest I didn't really care if anyone read it but it's always a bonus if they do!! Looking forward to more....

  8. Love the blog title John. I'm looking forward to reading more.

  9. Clever blog title, welcome to the world of blogging, looking forward to following your project next year

  10. Very best wishes on your new blog which I've just seen. When I started blogging I began with personal topics close to my heart and then developed further as my experiences and interests grew and in response to my blog visitors and what they would find useful and interesting. What, as you have mentioned in your next post, which I read first is that the online world is indeed a wonderful way of making true connections and exploring the self and I wish you every success and happiness with that!